Race to Erase MS


What I’ve done since being diagnosed with MS. Tomorrow will be my last race before returning to Chicago next weekend to start Chemo and transplant to stop the progression of the disease.


I thank God for showing me how to stay strong and helping me find this treatment and for being able to stay healthy enough to provide for my family. Thankful for my wife Liz for allowing me to keep riding,running,swimming and train so I could keep moving.


Thankful for my team Zia Velo that has kept me strong and challenged me, pushed me and supported me during this time so that there will be many miles still ahead! Thankful for great friends and family that be believe in me and cheer me on.


One of the big reasons I have been able to keep this disease under control as long as I have has been by staying active and having goals to keep me motivated.



This is a horrible disease but I’m glad I found a way to fight it and so many reasons to beat it. Who knows, it might even be a bit emotional sitting at the start line one last time tomorrow.




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