Day 3, 4 and 5: After Mobilization

Entry By Liz:


Day 3: Back to Aurora, IL

The day after being released, Mike woke up feeling a little nauseous.  He took the anti-nausea pill and immediately felt better.  We left our luggage with the bell hop at the hotel and took off to the Children’s Museum to have a little fun before we headed back to Mike’s sister Laurie’s house in Aurora for the week.



After the museum, we headed over to Walgreen’s to get Mike’s Neupogen shots. I asked Mike what he was expecting the price to be, and he said maybe a $700 to $900 copay, but we were super shocked to find out that we would have to pay around  $1750 for them! It looks like out of pocket, they would have cost about $7000, but still.  We heard from a guy who did the same shots in the fall of 2013 and only had to pay an $80 copay for our exact insurance.  So crazy. We felt so grateful for all of the GoFundMe donations.



We then took a cab ride over to Union Station to take the train over to Aurora to see the Zapata’s for the week.  It was nap time, so you can only imagine how Olivia was doing.  She actually was pretty entertained on the train and ended up falling asleep.  Mike was super tired at this point and just wanted to sleep.  When we got back to the house, Mike ended up napping for a bit because he was feeling tired.  Of course, Olivia refused to sleep!




The only medications Mike had to take this day was the last of his Z-Pack (antibiotics) and the nausea medicine, which he took that morning and in the afternoon.  He ended up playing basketball that night with his nephew Spencer, and ended up feeling pretty nauseous.  He said he was gagging, and having trouble with depth perception.  He felt more tired than normal.

Day 4: Complete Fatigue

Mike woke up that morning feeling very sleepy.  He ate breakfast while I went to the store to get a few groceries with Olivia.  We were planning on going out that night to work out at Planet Fitness, so I went to find out where that was located.  When I came home, he was asleep again. Later on after dinner, we wanted to get some exercise, but Mike said he had to go back to sleep for a bit because he was feeling tired, to the point that even his hair and skin felt sensitive.  He said he felt like when you get sick with a really bad cold, when you just want to be wrapped up in sleep and not touched.  He continued to sleep the whole day away and the rest of the night.


Day 5: A Different Story

This morning, Mike woke up pretty refreshed.  He didn’t have any fatigue at all like the yesterday.  He told me he felt pretty normal again.  We ended up taking Olivia to this place called Airtastic Playland and had a pretty fun time hanging out and going through the obstacle courses.  Mike was a trooper and hung with her the whole time.  She was getting super fast going through the obstacle course. All in all, today seemed pretty normal when it came to symptoms.  Mike seems like his old self again.  I anticipate what the next few days will be like, especially when his white blood cell counts get low. He hasn’t had to take a single nausea pill yet today.



Tomorrow we start the Neupogen shots and all of the other medications.   I’m so nervous to see what happens!


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