Day -3 Little Nausea, Catheter Issues, And Walking With Liz.


Today started out a little bit rough. I woke up feeling like I had to go to the bathroom really bad, which I shouldn’t be feeling, because the catheter should do it all for me, but little did I know, the line was kinked. When I tried to go, it started coming out of places it shouldn’t have! So I ran to the bathroom to get everything figured out, and I dropped the bag! It sprung a leak, to make matters worse! I felt like an old man at a rest home that cannot do anything for himself and felt really bad for my nurse who had to clean up the mess. I was still pretty loopy from the sleep meds they gave me just a few hours before, so I was trying to do all of this in a drunken state. Things just weren’t making a lot of sense! Anyway, props to an awesome nurse who came through for me and got everything taken care of! Speaking of feeling like a 90-year-old man in a rest home, showers are no easy task either! To take a shower, I must have the nurse come in and disconnect all my IV lines so I could take off my shirt, and then they have to wrap up my PICC line with Saran wrap so it doesn’t get infected. Then I have to go into the bathroom and pull my catheter back through my pant leg and then drag everything over to the shower, plug my IV machine back in somewhere in the bathroom, where it won’t roll in and electrocute me, and then try to soak myself off with all these hoses and lines hanging off me and out of my skin. It’s really quite a chore!

After that, I came back and tried to go back to bed, and right as I fell asleep, Dr. Burt came in.  I talked to him for a little bit, but I was so out of it, it didn’t last too long. I felt really bad, but like I said before, he’s a busy man and likes to keep moving!


Then Liz came and visited me this morning, and that was a nice treat to see her smiling face in my room! She hung out for a bit and even went on a walk with me around the hallways. Pretty much the only form of exercise you have up here is doing hallway laps, while pushing your IV pole. The upstairs is broken off into two sections, and all the people who are doing this procedure with me are on the other section, so we crossed the line and broke into the other half. We were able to talk to a couple of the people who are having this procedure with us, and that was fun to get more acquainted with them, until the nurses started kicking us out of their wing! After this, Liz had to get back to Olivia so they could go back down to Aurora for the weekend for Easter festivities. I finished up my walk in the hallway. It actually wasn’t too bad.  I tried to hold a good pace. On the stretch of the wall that had my room, I would do lunges for the whole stretch every lap, so I felt like I was getting a really good workout. I named my chemo pole Chemo-Sabe after one of my friends saw a picture of me pole dancing with it:-)

wpid-20150404_130736.jpg wpid-20150404_130737.jpg  wpid-20150404_130628.jpg wpid-20150404_130627.jpg

As the day went on, I noticed myself getting a little more nauseous and having no appetite. I made a mistake of ordering tilapia for dinner, and when I open the lid to eat it, the smell nearly made me puke. So that was the last of that and I think I’m done with hot food for a while!

My nurse came in at about 3:30 pm and gave me all of my pre-chemo medications, and we started chemotherapy at 4:00 pm. That went perfectly and I had no problems during that time.

pic pic1 pic2

Tonight was a fun night for me, because two of my brothers got on Call of Duty. We were able to play and talk and laugh and talk trash like we do so well. My brothers have a way of cheering me up and keeping my mind off everything that’s going on here, so it’s fun to have a few hours normal thinking!  Also, I had a good opportunity to talk to my mom on the phone earlier today, and it was really great to hear all of the support coming in from family and friends. It’s really amazing to have all of this support to pass my time here. I could not do it without them! The support and love flowing up here from God, home, work, church, my cycling team, as well as all of the HSCT transplant survivors, and everywhere else is amazing! Please don’t stop! You’re carrying me right now!


Forgot to mention this earlier,  my buddy Eric raced for me last weekend at the Coyote Classic Mountain bike race and got 2nd! Makes me feel so thought of when people remember me, especially when I’m missing a good race! Thanks Eric!

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