Day +1 and Day +2: Roller Coaster Ride.


Day One: 

I was expecting the worst for this day. A lot of people warned me, including the doctors, that this would be a bad day because my body would react to the preservatives that the stem cells were in.  Because of this, people usually feel pretty sick the day after your stem cells are put in your body. I did wake up feeling pretty nauseous and took some anti-nausea medicine and felt better.  I think I would have felt worse this day, but I found out that they finally opened the spinning room that had been quarantined so I was pretty excited about that.

blog7 blog4

My goals for the day were to shower, walk twice, and then ride the bike according to my doctor’s goals written on my board. My first walk was a mile and then I ended up walking another mile that evening.  I was excited to spin for thirty minutes on the bike too.  The view from the bike is an awesome view, but it was so foggy out that day that you could hardly see the lake. The workouts didn’t come without a consequence.  I did end up shutting my blinds and resting in the dark for the better part of the afternoon because I was so fatigued.  Just the thirty minutes on the bike drenched me in sweat, and I wasn’t putting any kind of effort into it.  Because the unchecked check mark on my board for walking had not been checked a second time later that night, I made myself get up at 11:00 pm that night to do the second walk for a mile.


Today was also a few other HSCT patients stem cell birthdays. I snuck over to the other hallway to congratulate them because word on the street was that they had cupcakes waiting for me.


Liz’s sister flew into town, so she was able to come over during Olivia’s nap time and we had lunch together and she was also able to visit in the evening too to keep  me busy.

Day Two:

This day the nausea actually woke me up, when before I would wake up and then felt nauseous after a while.  When I leaned over to call the nurse in, I was shaking so bad that I knew this was going to be the day they were talking about.  Fortunately, a shot of Zofran worked to get me moving, but it took me a lot longer than normal.  It felt like a roller coaster, because I was feeling so good yesterday, and then I felt terrible today. In the middle of the night, on both nights, I have needed anti-nausea medicine too.


Liz came over in the morning and bought me a new t-shirt and my laundry and got me all motivated to wake up.  She also went on a walk with me in the hallway too.  We ended up walking a mile and a quarter around the hallway at a pretty decent pace.  After the walk, I started to feel weak again and took a nap.  I ended up finding out my blood pressure was low and made me feel faint, so I tried to lay down.  I felt like I wasted the whole day yesterday lying around and being lazy.  The check marks on my wall were not able to be done.  I just couldn’t get my motivation up.  I was just joking the day before how they gave me three really easy things to do, and then I couldn’t even do it the next day. During the afternoon, they had to come in and hook me up to the IV because of how weak I was feeling.

blog10 blog9

It was a super rainy and gloomy day too, where you couldn’t see a lot of buildings because of the fog and the rain. Right now, we are just waiting for my white blood cell counts to lower a little bit more. They will drop to zero and then should increase after my stem cells kick in.  I noticed my platelet count and hemoglobin levels are dropping too and we are just watching my counts and vitals these days.

That’s about it for now.  It is all a waiting game. Tomorrow I will explain my charts more and what kind of counts they are looking for. Until then!


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